FtMyersTom - 9/20/2017 3:23 PM
My Oceanic computers logs dives automatically after submersion past 3ft. I download all my dives to 2 different log programs, 1 for IOS and 1 for PC. I take my Ipad on every trip and it’s with me when I sign on every dive charter. That way if asked I have my downloaded log and you can’t lie about that. There are times I’m asked and if you are wreck diving in the keys you can expect to be asked no matter which dive shop you use. To dive the wrecks it’s required to have been on a dive over 70ft in the last year. It’s a good rule that protects you from possible injury and a dive shop from liability.

If a person lies you are only cheating yourself and if your diving beyond your qualifications you are only putting yourself in a bad situation. I suppose there are people included to lie but I haven’t been diving with anyone who did.

You should be proud of your diving experience and I have no problem to show it to those who need to know it.