FtMyersTom - 9/13/2017 2:49 PM
Thanks and yes the Facebook posts are encouraging. We have a trip planned for November to our friends condo in Tavernier. We fully intend on going no matter if I can dive or not. I usually dive with FKDC and they say there boats made it as well. I will dive if I can to provide my dollars to help no matter the conditions. We will eat every meal at any restaurant that is open. Most of the keys are mom and pop type motels/restaurants and they will need every dollar they can get to survive the coming winter tourist season that will be in jeopardy. Rep Marco Rubio said this morning the orange crop damage will take up to 5 years to recover. Sadly it goes far beyond our front door.

Also with our problems forgot to pass on our thoughts to Houston. We got the one two punch. My wife has family there and all is good with them. Her aunt called and welcomed us into the hurricane club. She has lived in Houston for 25 years.

NHC said hurricane season was back on track this year but... DAMN!!!! They said Irma was only the 2nd storm that was born where it was and traveled the length of the Atlantic into the Caribbean almost in a straight line without the normal curve north or south.