Colliam7 - 9/01/2017 12:41 PM
The SeaQuest Black Diamond is really not a good single cylinder BCD. Part of the problem you are experiencing may well be a reflection of the fact that the (manufacturer) stipulated lift is 50lbs - HUGE for a single cylinder. With that much lift capacity, you have a very large air bladder, which seldom fills fully. So, you have a moving air bubble, which can easily explain your symptoms: ’I am encountering problems with it rolling and doesn’t seem to inflate equally (left side more than the right). ’ If you have already purchased this unit, used, find a buyer for it. As a new diver you do not need to be ’fighting’ your equipment, and an oversized air bladder is usually looking for a fight. If you do not own it and are just using it, discard it now.

Find a BCD with 25-30 lbs of lift and you will be just fine for singble cylinder diving, AND you will feel much more in control of the unit, rather than the other way around.