LatitudeAdjustment - 7/24/2017 3:57 PM
We has a LDS with their own indoor pool and had two fills sites, the father who was a commercial diver had built the business. Then he gave them to his kids :( If you walked into one of the fill stations the guy was doing handicrafts and would ignore you. The shop wasn’t maintaining the compressors and pumping water into the tanks :( When you tried to order something they would try to talk you out of it. The last straw was when they broke my SPG while servicing the reg, didn’t say anything about it, when I saw it they said it was old but didn’t even try to sell me a new one. I stopped going there and I guess everyone else did to.

Another shop opened but you had to be a member or they wouldn’t talk to you, that business model didn’t work.

There was another one I used until they became a ScubaPro only store and wouldn’t service the gear I had already bought there. One time I tried to buy a ScubaPro item but the help wouldn’t sell the one on display. That business model didn’t work either.

There was a shop I liked, seemed busy but moved out one night, I needed the police to get most of my tanks back that were in for hydro. Supposably one failed but I think was stolen by the help. Then the shop reopens a few miles away and thinks I give them my gear again, not!

The LDS I got certified in lost it’s PADI creds because the instuctor/owner showed up high for the check out dives.

The one I use for fills now retired but has the compressor at home in his garage :)