FtMyersTom - 7/15/2017 1:07 PM
First no promises, BUT I have only dove the thunderbolt 1X and have been wanting to go back. My wife will be back to work as a school teacher and I look for things to do. Second the weather this time of year can be very iffy with tropical systems. So lets see what plays out with that and go from there. I used and was happy with Tildens Scuba Center and Halls next door is very good also.

Email me if you want and we can keep in touch. I’ll be in Grand Cayman week of 7-22 so will see what’s up with the tropics after that. Even if a small storm passes off shore vis can drop to 10ft. I would come down the day before and stay overnight for an AM dive and hopefully both dives on the Thunderbolt. No matter have a good trip.