NCjones - 7/05/2017 3:31 AM
Shot 5 sheepshead (the largest was 16") last week and found one anchor, one 24 inch long 1/2 inch drive breaker bar, an electric fan apparently lost from a boat, and another fishing rod all coated with coral and growth.

Found at Radio Island far to date:

One BC weight pouch with 10 lbs lead
3 fishing rods
1 1/2 drive breaker bar
1 good SCUBA light that uses "C" batteries
1 Titanium dive knife (located the owner)
1 ScubaPro Solo dive mask and snorkel (located the owner)
One 4 lb lead weight
1 boat ladder
Three anchors
1 welders chipping hammer
1 cast net in its plastic box
1 4" wide putty knife on a string with a snap on the end
1 electric fan