MrManta - 6/09/2017 8:07 PM
I just know from the start, z I will get a lot of flake from new divers on this, so here goes. Living aboard my Trimaran Manta, and diving the Sea of Cortez for over 35 years, I have found that a steel Lp95 works best. It is far easier on our compressor, and in the summer down here, wearing a lycra, and a shorty, I don’t have to wear a weight belt. The tank is 8.5 lbs neg, so it is like swimming naked. Winter diving is easy too, I simply put on my 10 lb. Rubber weight belt, with the 95 I am absolutely neutral between 20 ft, and about 200 ft, if you do that sort of dive. We have aluminum 80’s for guests, but that 4 lb.positive is a pain for most to deal with