Anonymous - 6/08/2017 7:30 PM
Yep got it...thanks! I’m working on the log and it’s taking time because I have to associate each dive with scuba earth.

As for "Sandals will ask you to do a check out dive if you don’t have a dive in six months"

That’s why my log has the Vandenberg 7x and Spiegel Grove 10x. Keep up the deep dives, benefit of living in SW Florida. I have never stayed at Sandals type resort and I’m sure they are protective of there liability and deal with a lot of holiday type divers. Most dive shops that I have used require a 80ft+ dive in the last year. Most do check log book but I never had one question why I didn’t have a signature nor a dive buddy listed. I have a knew one most every dive.

I do like the IOS app or PC software type now. Makes it easy and provides more info downloaded from he computer that you don’t have to manually look for. Fortunately since I only started diving Dec 09 and I only logged 6 dives before I bought a computer. Manual entering them was no problem. No matter now that I’m retired, I have plenty of time to fill.