NCjones - 5/19/2017 1:46 PM
No Colliam, I didn’t.

Several years ago on the basic OW water exam, I brought it to the instructors attention that another PADI question was incorrect (I forget what it was now, it’s been a decade ago). My instructor agreed the PADI answer was the wrong answer. He told the class if they chose that answer instead of the PADI answer on the exam it wouldn’t be counted wrong. He also said he’d contact PADI thru their PADI PRO channels regarding the error. I also wrote a letter to PADI regarding that question, their incorrect answer, what the correct answer was, and included documentation to support why my answer was the correct answer and the PADI answer was not.

Never heard from them. Not even a rubber-stamp form letter.

It was about then I realized the only thing PADI gives a damn about is making sure you buy the next course.