Colliam7 - 5/19/2017 11:05 AM
I take exception to this question on the Rescue Diver exam....

"The most common cause of lung over expansion injury is~"
A.Forgetting to never hold the breath
B. running out of air
C. runaway low pressure inflator
D. none of the above. . . .

Running out of air DOES NOT "cause" a lung over expansion injury, PADI. NOT BREATHING does. . . .

This question/answer needs to be changed "A" is the CORRECT answer.’

So, given your obvious interest in this issue, and your concerns that the correct answer is apparently not the answer that PADI wants to see: did you contact a) PADI HQ by phone (800-729-7324) or email customerservice@padi.com), or the b) PADI Regional Manager responsible for NC (lucy.dunbar@padi.com), to share your concern?