CrazyJones - 5/09/2017 6:24 PM
B is the answer PADI wanted, so B is the answer PADI got. Next time I go to the shop with an empty tank after I dive I’m going to run into the fill station with my tank screaming "I’M OUT OF AIR! I’M OUT OF AIR. QUICK, FILL UP MY TANK BEFORE I GET A LOE!!!"

This is the same category with this "mask on forehead is a sign of distress" crap PADI is pushing now. What distresses me more than seeing a diver with his mask on his forehead is an instructor or experienced diver that’s too frigging ignorant to tell the difference between a guy with his mask on his forehead and a guy panicking and drowning.

I get why PADI does it though. It’s the "If we remove all the thinking out of the equation, even the stupid ones can dive and pay us money" concept.