Damien941 - 5/09/2017 7:54 AM
Hey bud Im from the Bradenton area and dive alot. I wouldnt waste my time on shore dives around here, nothing to see honestly, Spanish Rocks and the Sugarbarge are pretty lame, unless you like looking at sand and small rocks. Blue Water explorers runs a dive boat outa Cortez but everytime I go he drops us on the exact same small ledge and the old tug boat.I would like to dive the old Army tanks Im pretty sure its a deeper dive aswell. Its a shame you dont like all the springs they are the best diving Florida has IMO. Have you been to Blue Grotto or Paradice springs, Paradice is very cool and decends down to about 130 feet. Then ofcourse Ginnie and Blue Springs.Are you comfortable in overhead inviorments? Well if you find a deacent boat charter boat dive I would be intrested. East Coast is fun.