CrazyJones - 5/03/2017 2:29 PM
I consider a "good tide" a high tide that’s between 10am and 4 pm since you have to dive RI on a slack high tide. You’ll get about 45 minutes of bottom time at RI before the tide turns ebb and current gets too much. I’ve dived it before off the slack and basically had to hang on to the rocks with one hand while I dived.

It’s been my experience that the tide usually goes slack about 10~15 minutes after what the tide tables for Fort Macon area tell you is high tide. Yesterday Gary and I went in about 1pm (tide table for Bogue Inlet said high was 12:45) and there was still a little flow tide. You could see the particles in the water going past you. It shortly turned slack and then was going ebb by the end of the dive.

We went in about 1 pm and the dive was 51 minutes. So we came out about 1:50, EllisE.

My usually plan is to get there about 20 minutes before what the tide tables say is high tide and watch the water. You can tell when the flow is starting to lull.

I try to keep the good tide times on my calendar so I’ll know when it’s a good tide for Radio Island!