FtMyersTom - 3/18/2017 6:02 PM
From Diver_Diva: This^^^^^. I’ve been diving for years and never saw the need to buy a tank. Rentals are cheap (like $5 a day at my LDS), and if you travel to dive in the Caribbean you use their tanks anyway.

Like Diva said, if you fly commercial airlines a lot, like I do, tanks won’t fly. I live in Ft Myers and I still consider it a hassle I don’t want. Fills, inspections and transporting to me is not fun. I’ll leave that to the dive shops. If I could jump off my own boat or dock into a pristine Caribbean reef then maybe. If I have to load them and unload them in just my car besides carrying them on and off a boat from a long parking lot, I’m not interested. Spend your money on better regs and computers. Maybe if I wasn’t 62yo with a worn out lumbar I might think different.....doubtful