plindstrom - 2/07/2017 2:29 PM
I am coming out for spring break and am looking for someone to dive with in AZ. My wife is sorting out the dates. I do not have a dry suit but dive in a 7 mil or double 5 mil wetsuit here in Chicagoland.
I have Haigh Quarry and Lake Michigan locally as cold water sites. Warm water locations I’ve been are; Key Largo Florida, Puerto Vallarta Mexico, and Grand Cayman.

I returned to diving after 35 year layoff. In fact, the equipment I learned on is considered antique today, too funny.

Anyway, I have all my own gear except tanks and weight, is there a place to rent and fill close to the local dive sites? Where else besides Pleasant Lake is there to dive.

I think I’ll be out for a couple of weeks and would dive every day.