FtMyersTom - 2/03/2017 4:48 PM
We live in Ft Myers and travel the Caribbean a lot. We like to do 2 week trips with a week at 2 different places IE Curacao/Bonaire ect. We are looking at Roatan or Cayman for just a week this December. Our II timeshare has a number of places in Grand Cayman but I believe only 1 in Roatan and it’s difficult to get in. We may work on the 1 week each plan and see what happens. We fly direct to the islands but have to use MIA so this is how it could work for us MIA>RTB>GCM>MIA. We will also try RSW to see if it works but we don’t have much luck there and we are 15mins away...figures. They cater to snow (dorks) birds.

Thanks for the info!