CrazyJones - 1/27/2017 12:14 PM
"Scuba Nazi" was mostly sarcasm LOL. I see instructors all the time that make up their own "rules" and then claim it’s a PADI rule. I mistook your question. I thought he was requiring you to demonstrate 4 strokes in order to be certified, and that isn’t the requirement.

When I was in the IDF I trained Sayeret soldiers (special forces). When they came on my reactive range, they had to engage 15 targets with their pistol, and in order to pass they had to score a minimum of 26 (kill 13 targets). Was it better if they scored 28 or 30. Heck yeah. But I couldn’t fail them on that qual if they only scored a 26. They met the minimum requirement.

Nothing wrong with surpassing the minimum standards, but when you’re failed for meeting the minimum standards, that just means the minimum standard went up and it ain’t the minimum standard anymore.

I hope I’m swimming 100 yards in 3 foot seas when I’m 60!