LatitudeAdjustment - 1/15/2017 8:12 PM
Well if I didn’t have the tandem bike on the back I would add a tank rack on the back bumper for putting it on. Right now I need to use the side steps which doesn’t give me much elbow room :(

An outside shower would be nice, leaving salty foot prints thru the camper gets me in trouble with the wife but a nice hot shower after a beach dive is the best :)

The storage hold has more than enough room for all of my scuba gear although I learned last year that I couldn’t keep 4 tanks on top of the cheap plastic table that came with the RV. My hold has two wells with drain plugs so I could make one into a wet gear well.

I hang stuff on the ladder and under the awning when I’m parked to dry stuff but a hanging/wet locker would be nice. I may need to add hooks to hang a closet or shower pole in the shower but it gets funky in there or add a hook to the bathroom door so it can be held open while on the road to get better airflow. I have seen those trailer hitch platforms with a large plastic box on them, maybe with a hole saw one could be used to dry gear on the road but you might be trading salt for road grime :(