Bruce3172 - 1/05/2017 6:58 AM
I just uploaded 30+ years of info to your site, I noticed on the Download that "Other Dive Buddy:" does not exist so all the names I put in do not show up in the "Dive Buddy" field in the CSV file, however they show up in the dive log screen shot as Dive Buddy and "Other Dive Buddy" is not displayed as a field. When I used Barbados - and Maui, your site coded the water as Fresh and there is no option to correct.

Question if I correct the CSV file can I delete the entire Dive Log and upload with the corrections rather than going in line by line on the site. I do see the option to delete a log, but that is one by one.

Let me know your thoughts as the was quite easy, however time consuming to populate, but I could do error maintenance in my CSV and do a upload replace if you have that option.