GraveyardDiver - 1/02/2017 10:58 AM
I think another problem is the PADI SCUBA police make so many BS rules that are just that, BS. For instance, "Never bother the wildlife" crap is drilled into the students, then the instructor goes down on the jetty and hacks a sea urchin to death so he can show his students that fish on the reef actually eat. ??

Or my favorite, "Don’t take things from the wrecks because what you take from the wreck other divers can’t enjoy" and after he finishes his speech we go downstairs and see all the artifacts in the display case that he brought up from the U-352.

Or the "Do not approach the dive boat ladder to exit until a crew member tells you to." and then on the actual dive "Well? What the hell are you waiting for? Can’t you see the last guy is off the ladder?" ~ "Yeah I can, but you didn’t tell me to exit yet." But just as soon as I approach the ladder and the crew guy isn’t finished scratching his ass yet it’s "Who told you to approach the ladder. Didn’t you pay attention in class?"

I think there’s the way the shop teaches you to dive so the shop doesn’t get sued, and then there’s the way you actually dive.