Bodyalive - 12/30/2016 1:28 PM
No worries, usually there are tons of people for the dive from the cave diving community. Register yourself at cavediver.net and search for Galaxy post. Here is copied post from one of the moderators:

New Year’s social and Galaxy Dive 2016/2017

After the last two socials, one at Ginnie and one at Jackson Blue, we decided that from now on they will always be at Ginnie, at least as long as I’m having to run the show. It is unquestionably a better site for what we do.

December 31 is on Saturday this year. When this has happened in the past we have done it two ways: Galaxy Dive Saturday night with the daytime social on Sunday, and daytime social Saturday afternoon followed by the Galaxy Dive that night.

We need to hear some opinions before I start making unilateral decisions.