RAWalker - 12/22/2016 4:03 PM
As an Instructor I use multiple rigs dependent on what I am trying to accomplish for myself or with students. What they all have in common is that they are all some sort of back inflator. My preference for my own recreation is the Backplate & Wing. For travel I use a aluminum plate with the same harness as my SS plate. I prefer a shoulder release to a HOG Harness and have customized it with pockets to hold extra needed gear. The BP&W is the most modular and customizable which is an advantage but can require more consideration in which options best suit the user. (such as weighting, padding and pockets)
When working with students I wear a Hollis HD200 or a Sherwood Tortuga these are jacket style back inflators with weigh integration. I use them so students become familiar with a more standardized jacket while still affording myself a good flying BCD.
Another choice that is becoming very popular is the Travel BCD which is made to light weight, folding and minimalist. Typically they are back inflator style with weight integration but lack accessory pockets. These can be a good choice for the warm water, seasonal traveling holiday diver. I’ve seen model from Hollis, Zeagle and others in this category.