LatitudeAdjustment - 12/07/2016 5:41 AM
Welcome to Dive Buddy Enrique, Malta has a lot of history and as a result a lot of wrecks. I remember watching a video about the German’s dropping mines during the day and Malta sweeping them at night. My father was on a mine sweeper and he told me and Malta learned that "any ship can be a mine sweeper once" :(
Up on the right tool bar you will see Scuba Earth, I added the Azure Window dive site for Malta awhile back, the Rozi is listed, divebuddy.com/divesite.aspx?DiveSiteID=1357 be sure to go there and add your comments and photos if you have some.
I don’t see the Maria Statue so here is your chance to add the site plus any others you’ve dove there. Are any of the dive shops listed who you used?