Divin_DnT - 12/06/2016 6:54 PM
It’s been many years since I dived from St. Thomas. However, I did a beautiful wreck dive there. I believe I dove with an outfit called Seahorse Divers. The wreck was the W.I.T. Shoal (W.I.T. - West Indies Trader). The top of the superstructure was at 60’ and the screws were at 110’. The dive site is in an area that is prone to very strong currents so you need to be able to do the dive at slack tide. There is a huge amount of growth of soft corals all over the ship but the aft rope deck was particularly gorgeous! Bring your camera. There was also the biggest Goliath Grouper I have ever seen that lived in the wreck. At the time I saw it, it was easily 500lbs. He was truly a monster. You need to see him before he sees you or you won’t see him. He was very skittish and very fast. The moment he saw me he took off into the bowels of the wreck and that was that.