KenS - 1/16/2016 12:08 AM
I know this is late but:

Comal River – entrance at Prince Solms Park or Hinman Island Park, Home of Trashfest in October
• Overview of area - contours, depths, formations
River length – 2.5 miles
Elevation: 600 feet
Max Depth 11’-15’
AVG Depth: 6’-8’
AVG Visibility: 11’-15’
Temp: 70-72° F year-round
Terrain: Rock Bottom with weeded moss type bottom
River Life: Crayfish, Bass, Long Ear Sunfish, Guadalupe Perch, and Turtles
• Area hazards and cautions
Pinching Crayfish, and the current can push you into the wall, other divers, it can cause you to be separated from the group, and also push you into the tube shoot. Avoid the tube shoot at all costs, but in the event you do, ride your tank to the bottom, orient yourself, and stand up
•Restrictions - parking, collecting, hunting, off-limits areas
Opportunities to find sunglasses and jewelry dropped by tourists.
Do not capture or disturb the fish and other river life including turtles.
•Facilities - rest rooms, showers, drinking fountain, etc.
By the playground are rest rooms and a drinking fountain
•Entry techniques
Shore entry, enter from steps.
 Sit and slide in
 Giant Stride
 Fall backwards
•Diving activity/skills
Drift dive, shore entry, night dive, and buoyancy control
•Ascent procedures
Due to shallow depth no safety stop is required.
Ascend at standard rate
•Exit techniques
Remove fins
Roll up steps, grab railing, kneel and stand