SolidAhmad - 10/06/2015 12:20 AM
From diverray: My dry suit course was in Northern California, where water temps were 54 degrees F/12 c. I would think the skills needed to dive in very much colder water (I am assuming Iceland water is colder than that) would be significantly different. So, even if you get certified in another, less frigid area, you may still need an update training for Iceland?Let us know how it works out for you.

I just got my drysuit certificate in Cyprus, you are completely right, I think I will need an update training for Iceland. I didn’t feel the cold in cyprus, hence I didn’t need to inflate my dry suit much, In Iceland however I will need to inflate my suit a lot more, so I will need to readjust, add a lot more weight and rework my buoyancy. I am going there by the end of October, will see how it goes, thanks for your contribution.