Bronze06 - 8/31/2015 3:08 AM
Hi Folks,

I know this post is old but maybe there are people out there interested in Vintage Double Hose regulator diving. My first dive was in 1973 using a double hose US Divers Royal Aquamaster reg. I have recently gotten back into "DH" regulators by rebuilding them. There are now many suppliers who are manufacturing new parts and diaphragms for these regulators. Presently I am in Saudi Arabia, but when I get home to Texas I will be looking for dive buddies in and around the Corpus Christi area who dive vintage rigs. A good place to start is at: vintagedoublehose.com/ or at thescubamuseum.com/ or at vintagescubasupply.com/

All these sites have a lot of information available to the diver who wants to dive as they did "back in the day" of Cousteau, Haas or Lloyd Bridges for that matter. It has reinvigorated the diving experience for me.