EricM - 7/18/2015 2:10 AM
From SeaGoat: I think you may want to wait and dive with it on before you make a decision one way or the other. Having the weights around your belly button may seem a little Urkel-ish when you’re on land but your instructor may have placed the weights higher on your body to keep you slightly upper body-heavy when you are swimming horizontally. This will keep your legs and fins a little higher than your torso and keep you from kicking up silt, damaging the reef or finning yourself into an ascent. I usually wea...

That makes a lot of sense. I never had a crotch strap before either, and was told that I wont need to cinch the waist belt as tight as I had to with the Zeagle Ranger I was using before in order to keep everything in place. My instructor knew from previous conversations that I wanted to have steel 120’s and that I was going to eventually run them as doubles, so he set my BCD up as to be adaptable for that.