RockRat2008 - 5/27/2015 9:52 AM
@bronxdiver - I like your attitude. As a DiveMaster who works for a struggling shop I pretty much work anywhere from 10-30 hours "part-time" after my full-time 40+ hour a week job for air fills. The shop owner is trying to keep the doors open and I am doing My part to help so yes, tips help. If I didn’t have a decent job already I wouldn’t be able to afford gas to and from the dive shop every day b/c it is a 20 mile drive each way.

I’m in the pool helping every pool session, and there for every check out dive. I’m the one loading gear, unloading gear, etc. and often times not even for a thank you.

We have already had more than one dive shop in the area close because shops can’t afford to pay staff because people can buy something for $5 cheaper online.

So just because you think someone is getting paid well, or making enough, or the cost of them being there should be built into a course doesn’t mean it is always the case.

If someone does something that earns them a tip above and beyond normal service then they should be recognized for it.

drops .02 in the bucket and gets off the soapbox