japato - 11/22/2014 11:56 PM
I suggest skipping Pro Dive. I was there a month ago and their prices are thru the roof. They wanted $70 usd for a tank of air not counting the dive price.

I stayed two resorts from Hard Rock (Puerta Adventurous or something spelled like that). I would recommend skipping the ocean dive and doing the Cenotes. You may never be back. Check out my dive logs. My last two with that dive shop were wonderful. You won’t find the Cenotes any place else. I highly recommend that dive shop in my logs and both of those Cenotes. The shop was Planet Scuba Mexico (planetscubamexico.com). I highly recommend asking for Davide Marchetti (#253508). He was an excellent DM. Free Nitrox!!! Intact if you really want to max out things, they can get you the big boy 100 tanks. They covered lunch on the dives.

If you decide to skip the Cenotes which I suggest you dive, then there is Blue Angel in Cozumel (987-872-1631). You catch the 10 AM ferry over, dive till 4 PM and return on the 5 PM ferry.

Talk to the guys at Planet Scuba Mexico (Manuel Huber), they are an excellent shop.