Bigfoot - 2/05/2008 12:25 PM
i use GIMP, which is a free photo processing software that is equal to Photoshop to edit my shots.. but the quickest way i have found is to open up a flickr account (www.flickr.com) because they have partnered up with a group called picnik. picnik is a built in program that lets you do some pretty basic editing to your shots and then have them be uploaded right back into flickr with a touch of a button. now.. the easy part is in picnik, if you select the "auto-fix" button, it usually is a pretty smart algorithm and picks up on the natural saturation and desaturation of colors that happens with underwater photography... the greens, reds, etc... this way you can upload all your shots into one set and then go through each one, click on auto-fix and clean them up.. and the ones you really wanna make nice, you can use gimp or whatever program, but on a whole, it simplifies the whole process. good luck!