UWnewbee - 8/11/2010 2:07 AM
From ReeferBen: FWIW I recently got a 7mm elastropline Pinnacle suit. It’s been warm enough to the 55 range, but after 20 or so dives is showing a lot of wear in the inside. I think at 100 it’ll be falling apart. I used a henderson goldcore for around 100 dives and it looks new.

 I have Henderson Gold Core, Hood,Gloves,Boots,Suit,Etc,, went to replace the gloves and hood, from my Dive shop, got them real cheap. Reason being,, Henderson dropped the Gold Core Line in lieu of the new titanium line! so if you find Any gold core your size grab it,, It’s a good line, even though they dropped it to move onward!