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Help with Equipment Decisions
toodive4 - 2/15/2009 8:25 AM
Category: Equipment
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We offer open assistance with all equipment questions.

Yes we are a dive shop... but we won’t try to sell you on what we sell. We’ll answer questions about any piece of equipment you’re considering - honestly. If it’s good, we’ll tell you it’s good. If it’s something to avoid, we’ll tell you to avoid it and why.

There are lots of opinions out there... we’ll give you the facts. You’re under no obligation to do business with us and you can reach us by email or by phone. Why do we do this? We want to see a lot of safe and happy divers out there.

Too many are making bad buying decisions and end up unhappy. LDS’s often leave a bad taste in your mouth after they rip you off or you’re sold inferior quality gear at inflated prices.

For real honest answers and NO SALES PITCH from a Professional staff with years of industry knowledge... feel free to contact us... there is no cost to you...

Email: Ken [ at ]

Call (443)-772-0595 M-F 11am-6pm EST or Saturday 12pm-5pm EST.

Happy Diving!