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Diving options in Atlantic City for a new diver
John_Mi - 7/01/2021 10:47 PM
Category: General
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I am a new diver, just 2 dives, and am going to be in Atlantic City next week. I’m looking for a fun/easy dive, any suggestions? - Thanks
LatitudeAdjustment - 7/03/2021 9:38 AM
I’ve been diving in NJ for 50 years and never dove anything out of AC. I used to use a diveboat out of Beach Haven that headed south but he retired.

No shore dives to speak of and any offshore are a long ride.

There was a dive shop on 9 but the last time by it wasn’t there, either closed or moved?

Most of the diveboats seem to go out of Point Pleasant which is an hour north of AC

There’s a few beach entries in Shark River but again that’s an hour some drive north for a short dive. Inlet dives need to be at slack high tide AND after 5pm by law and boat traffic. Back bay dives at the park and L street can be during the day but still need to be at slack high tide. You might want to contact DivereTwo to see if they have any group dives planned, that would solve to buddy problem and if you don’t have a flag. Viz there is only a few to 5 feet which can be un-nerving for a new diver but you’re looking for small stuff like crabs and seahorses. Despite the name I’ve only seen 2 small sharks in Shark River