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New Diver, NE Florida, primarily interested in springs/shallow dives
Ryanvision - 3/29/2021 7:40 PM
Category: Buddy Wanted
Replies: 3

Hi there,

My name is Ryan and I am a new open water diver. I’m ecstatic to start diving somewhat regularly but I just don’t know anyone certified and I have rapport with where we can schedule trips and get on the same page. So I’m looking to meet friends and find a solid dive buddy. I’m 32, in a relationship, and in the St. Augustine area. Open to diving with any age and gender.

At this time, I’m most interested in diving the springs, particularly Devil’s Den, but also Ginnie, Manatee Springs, and Silver Springs.
Diverman3483 - 3/30/2021 7:38 PM
Give Tracy with Spruce Creek Scuba a call +1 (386) 767-1727 he’s real big into spring diving cave cave diving. Very knowledgeable and one of the best in the area he’s in Port Orange not that far from you
Ryanvision - 4/01/2021 4:00 PM
Thanks a lot for the heads up and recommendation! I’m just excited to get back in the water and meeting friends through the process.
Bluedini - 4/18/2021 4:44 PM
Hey Ryan! I’ll be in Florida 4/21 - 4/28 in Crystal River and down in Tampa. Let’s dive!