Finally - diving again... soon
SaintsReturn - 5/16/2019 11:40 AM
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Some of the old time members will remember, but most of y’all dont know me these days. I was an active member on this group and loved diving and meeting some of you. My move to Texas killed my diving and my gear is surely dry rotted by now.

That said, I accepted a job offer back home today. I will be moving back to the Tampa Area next month and am excited, maybe even a little scared. I have been gone since 2003 and never thought i would actually find a way back home.

So, I am excited to start getting back into this board and our group. Hopefully I will meet a lot of you in the area and be sharing experiences as i get back into the swing of things. Thankfully, i have some friends who need pools cleaned and what not, so i will get some practice in before heading back into the gulf.

So kind of an introduction, kind of not; but either way Im back!

Hi, Im Logan and I look forward to getting to know yall again!
SaintsReturn - 5/17/2019 9:28 AM
HAHA! Thank you! It is going to be great. Pulled everything from the storage room in my house last night. I am excited to get back into something i was once so passionate about.