Looking for Dive Buddy Key Largo ASAP. Want to do the overnight underwater hotel
webbinator - 12/25/2018 12:23 PM
Category: Buddy Wanted
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I am looking to do some diving on my four-day weekend. I live in Tampa near MacDill AFB. It would work better with a male dive buddy but females are welcome it just complicates the hotel situation a little. I am open to driving a long distance but I have a sports car and limited space. Starting to get into drysuit diving. Don’t have to dive the whole time and have work on 2 Jan 2019.

Hit me up or feel free to join at the last minute. Trying to get multiple dives in and am looking for some partners for the Jules Undersea Lodge:


It is pricey, but I can get a military discount. Male or female I don’t care, I just want to dive and sleep under the water. 24 hours in the hotel. Check it out. I want to do it. It is a 5-hour drive for me. It includes scuba gear, so what we need to bring is minimal but I would like to do some additional diving.