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Dutch Springs New Years Eve (day) diving
MDW - 12/21/2018 7:48 PM
Category: Buddy Wanted
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I’m already meeting Chase for this event, and I’m sure there will be numerous other divers I know there this year, but the more the merrier. If you were thinking of going to this (11 a.m. to 2 p.m.), but could not conjure up a buddy, come join us. If you had no thought of doing this, but now it sounds interesting, come join us. If you never knew this was even happening, well it is, so come join us.

Feel free to post a reply here so we know who to keep an eye out for on the day.
MDW - 12/30/2018 10:41 PM
Last chance to buddy up. Dive is tomorrow 11 to 2, so most likely about 11:30 splashdown for 45 min bottom time.
MDW - 1/01/2019 8:36 AM
Chase and I had a good dive. I tested out my new double hose reg (Argonaut Kraken) and it works great. Downside is I dropped my light (it slipped off my hand several times during the dive) and right at the end of the dive it got away from me because I was too light to swim down after it fast enough.

Otherwise a nice day for diving. My computer logged a max temp of 47 and a min temp of 46, so:
1) all thermoclines are gone
2) the temperature is down to winter levels, but not bad considering the couple cold snaps we had s far
3) my mittens, hood, and drysuit underwear are doing their job; I was not cold at all, even my fingers

The lack of thermoclines, cooling water, and 6 weeks since last open day have brought great visibility, but all ropes and surfaces are already coverd in green goo. I cleaned all lines we followed, but that will likely have no impact on the condition of these lines by spring. Oh well.

Chase test-drove a DUI drysuit and discovered the high drag of a shell suit and rock boots. He also rented an HP120 and discovered the extra length is not a problem as some had suggested it might be.

I was expecting at least one person to complain about my gear setup (double hose reg, horse collar BC, plastic backpack), but the only comment I got was one "is that a rebreather?" to which I said, "nope, it’s open circuit"

Check out my other buddy requests for 2019 elsewhere in this forum.