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Buddy Wanted Southern Louisiana
daviking - 10/20/2018 10:03 PM
Category: Buddy Wanted
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Looking for a buddy to dive with during most weekends. A little about me:

I am a multi-certified diver. I hold 2 Unlimited Surface Supplied Air/Mixed-Gas Commercial Diver Certifications (with many subsurface add on certifications) (DCBC and ADCI). I am Nase OW and Nitrox 1 certified. I am a gear queer. I love gear...A LOT haha. On that note, I have most of my own gear. Bottle, BCD, 1st Stage and regulators, and computer, the basics. I don’t have spear fishing gear. I have logged a few dives beyond initial training, and would like to dive more. I will soon pursue certification as an Unlimited SCUBA Commercial Diver through DCBC. I am also a member of Project Aware.

I currently don’t have a car, but I would gladly pay for fuel if I got picked up. I am new to the southern Louisiana area, so I don’t know of many good dive spots. I would also split fuel on a boat if you go offshore to dive.

I am not picky in who I dive with BUT you must be a safe diver. New or experienced, male or female, doesn’t matter. I can dive to 165 easily without suffering narcosis (thus far), although that wasn’t on SCUBA, and I had unlimited air supply.

I look forward to anyone who wants to dive. I wish to pursue more certificates and hope to hear from y’all soon!! DM me and I will get your contact info.

DISCLAIMER!! Due to my career as a commercial diver, I may become unavailable at ANY given point. So I apologize in advanced for any inconveniences with last minute cancellations!