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where to go
moliken - 8/23/2018 10:06 AM
Category: Travel
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Probably a bit complicated, but here goes anyway. Certified in the 80’s and did 125 dives until 1999, but always with difficulties equalizing. I re-entered the scuba world in 2016 after developing a method of swallowing water from a camel back while descending. Then I bought some Doc’s Proplugs. I can dive again!!!!! No pain, no residual problems. I have gone to Lembeh and Wakatobi, done over 50 dives and am very happy, FINALLY.
What I’m looking for are some suggestions as to where to go next, besides the Caribbean. I have a couple requirements though: At my age of 72, I need assistance with dealing with my gear and I need easy diving with not a lotta current current. I got both things in Lembeh and Wakatobi, but there was nothing large at either place. I don’t mind long flights, but I do need these elements taken care of. Ease, calm, and large critters. I love the macro stuff, but would really like some manta, shark, or whale shark time. Suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks
pmedic73 - 8/24/2018 6:37 PM
We are opening our villa in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica on October 1. I work with a couple dive operations there and I know they would have no problem assisting you with your needs. The primary dive sites are the Las Catalinas Island and the Bat Islands (Bull sharks). They are both famous for the Manta Rays, whale sharks, bull sharks, sea turtles, etc. Visit our site at: . Let me know when you would be looking to stay and I can arrange some things for you to help with your accommodations.