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Diabetics and Diving
Justafriend - 8/03/2018 8:51 PM
Category: Health & Safety
Replies: 3

Being a Diabetic and wanting to Scuba Dive isn’t an impossible thought or dream.
In my younger years I use to dive quite a bit and absolutely love it.
Then in my 40’s I found out that I had become a diabetic. It really changed my life and thoughts
of my future health and activity levels.
Now that I have retired and wanted to return to the Sport of Scuba. I really had doubts until I
started doing some research of Scuba and Diabetic Health.
I found out that I really didn’t have to give it up. I just had to be open about it to my Dive Buddies
and just enjoy the Sport without trying to push the limits.
As Clint Eastwood stated, A man has to know his limits.
With this in mind. Whats your experiences or thoughts on this topic.
Do you or have you come across any research that proves Diabetics can or can’t Scuba Dive.
Where did you find your research.
Golden rule, Never Dive Alone.
Justafriend - 8/03/2018 9:27 PM 08/03/2018

Libre Free Style Blood Glucose Test
It’s even for sale on eBay.
You can monitor your Blood Sugar Levels underwater.
What a life saver and very reasonably priced.
Picking mine up soon. Great for Scuba Divers.
Call - 1-855-632-8658
Justafriend - 8/04/2018 7:36 AM
Thanks for your reply.
Lets get the info out there so people with diabetes don’t feel they are exempt from scuba Diving.
I feel they should not be.