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Hello.. This is my story
Ondalake2 - 3/24/2018 7:49 PM
Category: For Sale
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Avid hunter and fisherman all my life. Tried spearfishing and it was perfect for me. Took my wife of 34 years diving a few times and she loved it. Something we could do together right? We were to retire that summer and I went a bit over board that winter. Bought everything we could ever need for this sport. Made big plans. Then we were in a very bad accident. After a very long battle I survived. She did not. I stored all these items in a cool dark place. Its time to let them go.. Sooo instead of putting thing on here one at a time I’m going to make a list. If somethng interest you, contact me and we can make a deal. None of these items have been worn or near water. I’m 6’3 190 lbs. XL.. She was a Small. 5’4 100 lbs. I will start with her

Henderson Hyper stretch Titanium full suit. 3mm. Black w/ Purple and Blue trim. Very attractive. I paid. 349.00. Asking 225.00
Henderson 3mm Gold Core hood. Size M. Asking 20.00
XS Scuba 5mm titanium hood. Size M. Asking 13.00
Pinnacle 3mm beanie hood. paid 18.00 Asking 9.00
Pinnacle Neo 3mm gloves. X small. paid 20.00 Asking 10.00
Blue Reef Dive Boots. Size Small. Paid 25.00 Asking 13.00
Deep Sea booties. Small. Paid 30.00 Asking 18.00
Pinnacle Seal 3mm Jumpsuit. Small, Paid 164.00 Asking 99.00
Pinnacle -Merino 3mm Torso warmer/Under suit. Paid 73.00 asking 47.00
O’Neill Reactor 2mm shorty Paid 60.00 Asking 47.00
O’Neill Bahia 2mm full suit Paid 104.00 Asking 60.00
Cressi Sub"Frog" Fins. Small, Yellow. Paid 45.00 Asking 25.00
Cressi-Sub Mask "Focus" Yellow Paid 25.00 Asking 14.00
Sea Dive "Caribbean" Snorkel Yellow Paid 20.00 Asking 11.00
Blue Reef Snorkel,Ultra Dry Flex, Yellow, Paid 25.00 Asking 13.00
Moray 2 Dive Mask, Yellow, Asking 10.00

XS Scuba Pyro Stretch 7mm, 2 piece Full wet suit farmer John bottom.Top like a long sleeve shorty. Can be worn separate. Black w/Blue trim. Paid 225.00 Asking 145.00
Pinnacle Seal 3mm merino lined full jumpsuit. Paid 165.00, Asking 99.00
Pinnacle Marino lined 3mm Torso heater / Under suit / shorty. Paid 73.00, Asking 47.00
Body Glove "Crush" 2-1 Shorty, Paid 50.00, Asking 28.00.
EVO 2mm front zip Vest. Paid 30.00, Asking 18.00
And the best for last...
Deep Thoughts spear fishing, 2.5mm 2 piece wet suit. Hooded Jacket w/face seal and beaver tail. Also has a chest pad for loading gun. No zipper. Its camouflage. Aqua Green,Black, Purple, an Gray. This suit is total badass. I paid 450.00, Asking 325.00 or best offer..
Rabitec 110cm Stealth aluminum spear gun. I will throw in a spare galvanized shaft. Heavy mono w/ crimps etc..And a fish keeper. I paid 260.00, Asking 150.00 or best offer.
Manny Puig Polespear. THE NAME SAYS IT ALL! I paid 170.00, Asking 110.00 or best offer.
Armor Speargun bag Ipaid 57.00, Asking 40.00 or best offer.
Omer Streamline 6mm spear tip. 10.00 / Omer Swivel lock 6mm tip,16.00 / JBL 2"5/8s rotating rock point 29.00 /JBL rock point, 4" wings
Again, None of this has ever been wet. Tags still on lots of it.
THANK YOU!!! Greg Tucker ph. 434 237 0848
Eric_R - 3/25/2018 7:52 AM
I’m very sorry for your loss. I hope you can fill your heart with all the memories she provided you while she was here.