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Malpelo Island, Colombia - Report
Seawolf5 - 3/04/2018 12:06 PM
Category: Travel
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Hola, regards to all!

Just returned from a mission to Malpelo Island from Feb 18 to Mar 1. It was an outstanding trip in every way and very educational. For those of you considering this area, GO! You will not regret it. Yes there are pages with reports and comments of incidents that took place some time back about diver being lost, recovered and a fatality or two (correct me if I am off the numbers) but, as it stands, the trip is well worth it. We went on The Ferox, a very seaworhty ship. Splashed around on the following sites: Phantom’s Wall (La Cara del Fantasma) D"Artagnan, Vagamares, La Nevera (The Fridge), Virginia’s Altar (El Altar de Virginia), Monster’s Low/ Depth (El Bajo del Monstruo), Castaway’s Wall (La Pared del Naufrago), Heaven’s Door (La Puerta del Cielo), Under The Anchor (Bajo del Ancla), The Freezer (The Refrigerator), and Frenchman’s Cave (La Cueva del Frances). Saw a lot of hammerheads, galapagos, silkies, combo of some white/ blacktips, turtles, bonitos and tunas, barracudas, an octopus or two, eagle rays, dolphins and moray eels galore, could not ask for more at the time. Water temp ranged from 80 to 63 degrees depending on the site, currents were strong but manageable. The captain and crew were the utmost professional, always on the lookout for their diver’s safety and comfort w/ out acting like helicopter parents. Did three dives a day, no night dives on this one, but those dives were intense. The cooks went above the standard preparing meals and attending to those w/ special requests, no issues there. If any of you fellow divers is entertaining the thought of Malpelo Island, I’ll say this to you: Yes, check out the reviews of past incidents and consider your skill level(s) and motivation and since there’s no substitute for 1st hand experience, GET ON OUT THERE AND DIVE IT!!! As I conveyed at the start of this, You will not regret it. Again, regards to all. Diver Away!!!
Hank-NYC - 3/07/2018 12:36 PM
Thanks for the review! I’m considering later in the year or early next year.