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Stolt Dagali 080517 NJ Coast
DiverfromBaskingRidge - 8/06/2017 10:12 AM
Category: Videography
Replies: 3

First dive from the surface to about 50 or 60 feet was pea soup. Once below it opened back up to 25 to 35 foot viz. It was tied in at the top of the stern.
I dove to the bottom to 124 feet on the first dive. Not much down there but I have some video. Wreckage and some fish - empty lobster trap too.
Stayed for a few minutes and started working my way up. The way the wreck sits is the broken end is in the sand but it is odd angle. But lots of fun... The wreck has lots of holes where you can penetrate but I stayed out for the most part. I was more interested in video and looking for life.

Second dive I decided to look at the prop in the sand. Really not much to see there. Again I dove Air and 40% Nitrox. The "blade" of the prop looked to be 8 feet long by 4 or 5 feet wide at the widest point.
Not much at the bottom so I worked my way up to the Companion Walkway. Not sure why but my mask was flooding enough to bother me and it did not on the first dive.

Oh well - next time I come back I will try to get better video... But the wreck is worth the dive if you get a chance.
scubadave102576 - 8/06/2017 6:47 PM
When are we diving again ?
DiverfromBaskingRidge - 8/06/2017 7:43 PM
Man where you been? Maclearie Park this Tues meet at 8pm HT around 9pm....
DiverfromBaskingRidge - 8/07/2017 2:38 PM
Actually Divers Two just cancelled a sponsored MacLearie Park dive due to weather... Rain is going to kill the viz - so not sure if we are going or not...