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Looking for hard style travel cases for flying (max size)
shaneofhugs - 7/01/2017 9:18 PM
Category: Equipment
Replies: 2

I was looking at my gear and my soft bags just wont cut it for travel, they’re too bulky, floppy and I’m not able to organize them like I would a hard case. Anyways, pelicans are nice but I think that’s over kill. Anyone got any suggestions for hard cases? I could care less about looks, personally I like bright pink luggage because no one wants to steal pink.
I have some gear that is sensitive, like full face mask.
shaneofhugs - 7/02/2017 8:37 AM
That’s actually not a bad idea. I have a semi hard case for my mask but I think a full hard is in order. I’ve had stuff crushed and torn by tsa. They are not gentle lovers