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CSSP in terrell anyone?
Tre1977 - 3/27/2017 1:02 AM
Category: Buddy Wanted
Replies: 6

CSSP in terrell anyone? Im free every other Friday tand on weekends and would like to go consistently to improve. A wonderfully patient person or group would be super. I just want to really get into my passion for scuba more and enjoy.
JeffNColdWater - 3/27/2017 2:35 PM
Hi Tamara. I’m probably not the dive buddy you have in mind but... I get out to DFW once or twice a year. I’ve been wanting to dive CSSP for a while, but I don’t know any divers in the area. Next time I’m out I’d like see if you’re available. Right now it’s looking like May or October for my next trip.
Tre1977 - 3/27/2017 11:12 PM
We’ll Jeff whenever you come around town, send me a message or something and I would be happy to be your buddy.
Rafael_C - 3/27/2017 11:28 PM
Hi Tamara, Im free to go this weekend and even Friday if you want to. Give me a call
214-907-8881. Thanks
Tre1977 - 3/31/2017 10:00 AM
Darnit, I am working this weekend. I have a video event that I’m working camera for this entire weekend. I’m fairly open though every weekend after that for a couple months so if maybe we and anyone else that would like to join can get in a dive or two.
WadeK - 3/31/2017 5:21 PM
Ditto here, anytime you’re going let me know.
WadeK - 4/04/2017 8:43 PM
Anyone going this weekend?