Visit this wreck to open your experience about Thailand’s dive site.
DolphindiversKohchang - 3/05/2017 5:50 AM
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Thailand has more than just Thai food!! If you are planning to go diving please mark this site also! HTMS Chang is the largest shipwreck in Thailand. It is 100 meters long and 15 high and you can dive down to 30 meters depth! HTMS Chang was built for the United States Navy during World War II and assigned to the Thai Navy in 1962 It was a vessel that was in the Korean War in Incheon.

Thanks to global warming many coral reefs have been damaged so they sunk the vessel to recover the underwater world. You’ll see many fish and amazing coral reefs and also maybe a whale shark!

Whale Sharks in Thailand are endangered animals, so they are rarely found. But they have been spotted recently, last year and also January 2017!

If you want to dive along with a whale shark, you should prepare yourself, get your gear and fly to Thailand!!

Reported by Dolphin Divers, Thailand