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Diving and Exercise
jimenycricket - 2/25/2017 7:25 PM
Category: General
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I happened about a short article on DAN’s FAQ’s (provided below) that peaked my interest. It was in relation to the management and/or timing of diving with an exercise routine. While reading, it occurred to me that during my second open water certification (or first in the 90’s for that matter) had ever cautioned or warned students of the risks of DCS in relation to diving and exercise.

I love diving, and it so happens that I love going to the gym and getting some pretty intense workouts going. In my mind, my workouts enable my passion for diving, where I don’t have to think about the physical demands of diving. Until I read this FAQ, i would have never considered it a risk to enjoy an intense workout after repetitive dives. Moreover, during my vacations, I love to begin my day in the fitness center or running while exploring my vacation destination.

Perhaps this topic is something that was missed, by me, during training. Or not? I’m curious to know, from the more seasoned instructors, is this something that you discuss with or at least notify your students of the dangers/risks?