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Curacao & Bonaire - Late February 2015 / March 2015
scorpionfish00 - 1/01/2015 6:54 PM
Category: Buddy Wanted
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Hi folks,

I’m planning a trip to Curacao and Bonaire (about a week at each location), and would love to have a Dive buddy for the trip. The accommodations and flights aren’t booked yet, so I’m flexible on the dates, but aiming for late Feb or early March.

I will have a dive computer, so we can do 60$ all day unlimited shore dives, and packages of the likes. I have a GoPro, so our dives will be recorded.

I have the standard equipment (fins, wetsuit, mask, snorkel) as well as, dive computer, compass, SPG, Dive Knife (2), GoPro, GoPole, Slate.

I’m open to all sorts of dives, and all sorts of dive buddies, inexperienced as well as experienced.

P.S. anyone that wants to chime in with good information on either location, for anything, please feel free as this will be my first time at either island.
elliselectric - 1/20/2015 3:01 PM
I am arriving Bonaire Feb 15 for one day by cruise ship, would love to get a couple of dives
Seawolf5 - 1/20/2015 7:26 PM
Look up Buddy Dive Resort in Bonaire, have been there about 5x, excellent location and service. Any ideas on your tentative schedule?
elliselectric - 1/20/2015 8:11 PM
I stay at Buddies every time I go to Bonaire, this time I’m coming by cruise ship and can hike over to Buddies. The ship is scheduled to dock at 8am on Feb 15, so I can get to Buddies by lets say 10am and need to be back on by 5pm. I got my advance diver cert right there at Buddies. I will have all equipment except for tanks and maybe weights but will call Buddies to get those items ahead of time.
scorpionfish00 - 1/21/2015 9:30 PM
Hi folks,

I’m booked for Curacao and Bonaire! I have the dates firmed up, March 3rd to March 17th.

March 3rd to March 6th in Curacao (Near Willemstad), March 6th to 12th in Bonaire (near Kralendijk), and March 12th to March 17th in Curacao, northern parts. Thinking 2 days near Playa Cas Aboa, and 3 days at Sabana Westpunt (maybe Nos Krusero).

I’m trying to move around a lot so I can visit a lot of different beaches.

Would love to meet up with someone(or multiple people) so I don’t have to pay premiums for going with dive shops.
chirojim - 1/25/2015 4:50 PM
I will be in Curacao April 9 through the 19th and am also looking for a dive buddy.
scorpionfish00 - 1/25/2015 5:06 PM
Hi jtaylor1112, :)

I’m 33 male, travelling with the oldies (no offense!) haha. :) We are actually talking at the moment, trying to decide on where to stay for the final 5 days (March 12th to March 17th) and I think a 2 day block will be at a house walking distance from Cas Abao, so I would absolutely take you up on your offer!

I would love to talk to someone that knows Curacao, and good dive sites, it would be a pleasure to go diving with you, and chat.

I’ll send you a message with my email.