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Plan my Vacation (1 Scuba) (1 Gambler) USA only
mwilli1453 - 8/04/2013 12:29 PM
Category: Travel
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Well not really looking for a buddy going to do boat dives but if I happen to find a buddy along the way great open to shore dives also if I find a buddy. Well I am a new diver advanced open water and my wife said we can make another trip without kids and grandkids this time just got back from Oahu was a great trip but want to try someplace new. I am looking for a place to go dive that involves a casino or close to one, my wife is a non diver we are looking for around mid March 2014 I am looking for warm water dive I get enough cold water here in Minnesota. I am interested in wrecks not penetration just looking and just all out adventure will do thanks for any info in advance. Mike
RAWalker - 8/04/2013 1:46 PM
That’s an easy one Nevada you can dive Tahoe, Powell and Mohave while staying at Reno, Las Vegas and Laughlin.

I’ve been to Laughlin and dove Mohave a few times with friends. There is shore diving at Cabinsite Point with a submerged school bus, Van and skeleton that points to a buoyancy course. On the other side of the point are a couple of small boat wrecks. Visibility is usually above 50’ and often more than that.

Tahoe is a deep lake that stays cold it is more technical dive being it is at altitude. I have not dove it myself so I’d look for more info before an attempt.

I can’t comment on Powell as I’ve never even been their.
Agojo - 8/04/2013 5:08 PM
Go to warmer water. Pompano Beach, FL. South Florida Diving Headquarters (SFDH) and easy to do 4 dives/day since short boat ride to the wrecks for first dive and nearby drift on the reef for 2nd dive (if all on the boat agree you can do wrecks for both), repeat after lunch.
ginovega - 8/04/2013 5:48 PM
You should consider the US Territory of Puerto Rico, specially the Southwest area....check out this site.. There are Casinos in the following towns in the Southwest of PR: Mayaguez - Mayagüez Resort & Casino and Holiday Inn Tropical Casino Mayagüez, Ponce: Holiday Inn and El Tropical Casino and Ponce Hilton & Casino. Here is the list fo other casinos in other areas of Puerto Rico. (

Dive Operations in the Southwest: In Ponce - Blue Water Scuba - Jesus Morales - Divining in Caja De Muertos ( Cofin Island- I have posted photos of my last dive there in Mar ’13), Guanica - Island Scuba - Pedro Padilla - over 40 sites Guanica Walls, Parguera etc... ( I have posted pics form here) Pedro is a member of Dive Buddy

Parguera - Paradise Scuba and Snorkeling Center - Kiko

Mayaguez - The Dive Shop PR -, Papo Braulio ( my friend for 20+ years), Rincon - Taino Divers ( The go to Desecheo Island) WELCOME- Aguadilla - Aquatica Dive and Surf - Contact us.

PR has three international ariports, San Juan (SJU) - most mayor carries fly there. Aguadilla (BQN) - United, Spirit and Jet Blue Fly there and Ponce (PSE) - Jet Blue flys there.

I am from PR and go back once a year. Wife and I are planning to go on Feb or Mar ’14. If you decide to go to my beatiful island let me know. If you want an unbias opinion on the diving sites in the island look up Mike and DeAnn Thompson of ScubaDreminn (memeber of Dive Buddy). They just returned from their second trip there...I dove w them in Guanica on Mar’14...
ginovega - 8/04/2013 5:57 PM
Sorry: I meant I dove with Mike and DeAnn on Mar’13...

Links for Taino Divers -

Aquatica Dive and Surf -
hoofpick - 8/05/2013 10:09 AM
Well meet your plan goals I would go to Grand Bahama Island. UNESCO is a good dive operation and there is gambling available as well.
ginovega - 8/05/2013 10:36 AM

I know you mean well but the Boss said USA only....Even its is very close to USA, Gran Bahama is not ia US Territorry...LOL!!! ( Sorry could not resisit!!!)
TMHeimer - 9/02/2013 9:52 AM
There are dive ops on the FL panhandlePensacola in paricular, that do go out year round, weather permitting (which is a biggee). Then you have a 2 hr. drive to the Miss. gulf coast casinos (all rebuilt since Katrina). This is our snowbird routine. I believe a shop in Orange Beach, AL (Down Under Divers) also may go out in winter. Dive Locker does in Panama City, but that’s a long way from Biloxi, Miss. I believe ScubaTech in Destin goes out, at least they do in March and later. There is one casino (Harrahs) on the New Orleans waterfront, but charters are unlikely. One private charter (Mark Miller"Primofish" I think, will take you our from Gauthier, MS (just down the road from the Biloxi casinos)it’s a long and somewhat costly trip as you must get past the barrier islands to get to the wrecks.